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increase your sales with an online store

If you have products that you sell at your physical store, you can open up a whole other revenue stream by having an online store as your website. As noted above, most small and medium sized businesses see an increase of 28% in revenue on average. 

Consumers of all industries like the convenience and ease of ordering online. It helps them save time and allows them to compare products all from the comfort of home. Online shopping also allows the seller an opportunity to sell to customers that they may not otherwise have a chance to reach. It also allows businesses a chance to build a strong customer base, cross sell other products, and so much more with online strategies.

Foxy Online Marketing can help with every step along the way in getting you set up online. From helping you figure out shipping, promotions, setting up Amazon listings… we really are the only company you need when it comes to advertising and marketing!


If you would like more information, call us or email us with any questions you may have.


Last year alone, Americans spent over $601 Billion dollars on products purchased online.

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