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Hello! My name is Jennifer Kyulule. I am the owner of Foxy Online Marketing. Although we've been in business since 2017, my sales and marketing career started in 5th grade. I talked my principal, Mr. Duffy, at Belle Alexander School in Kewanee, Il, in to starting the school’s first newsletter, Belle News. I hired writers to talk about events, boys basketball team, we even had an editorial team. I hired graphic designers who drew pictures of the very popular trolls. When it came time for fundraising for Jump Rope for Heart, I went all out and made signs out of poster boards and even a jingle to go along with my pitch when I knocked on doors.


As an adult, I had a variety of jobs such as front desk clerk at 5 Star Hotels, culinary chef, customer service (this job taught me the importance of listening to customers), collection agent, cake decorator, a little bit of everything. In every job, I found it fascinating how all parts of the company worked and how they needed each other. I also really enjoyed talking to people.


Then, I started to work in the advertising and marketing industry. I knew I had found my passion! I quickly realized that businesses were just like people. They had their own personalities, their own history that made them unique, as well as strength and weaknesses. Every business needs a way to get their story out and I find a sense of accomplishment helping them do that.

In 2010, my husband and I started our own company. I was able to take everything I had ever learned from every position in a variety of industries and add it to my natural creativeness, coupled with my husband's skillsets to create products that really helped small and medium businesses reach their customers. Our primary focus was in print publications. We did mostly postcards, local classifieds, and a national magazine, American Outdoors. Companies hired us to bring in customers and help brand their company, and it’s our fiduciary responsibility to deliver the best results. After several years of doing print, it became more apparent that we needed to switch the entire focus of our company from print to online marketing in order to give our clients the best results.

So, in 2017 after my husband and I welcomed our 5th son, Landon, we went back to the drawing board! It felt a little bit like a start up again, which anyone who has ever started a business knows exactly what I’m talking about. 10 hour, sometimes 16 hour days, lots of caffeine, and tons of nerves! However, we had faith in what we were doing and knew it was the best move for our clients in the long run.


I am trained by one of the top online marketing professional organizations in the world. I have spent hundreds of hours of training to stay on top of trends and platforms. I am continuously in training to stay on top of the latest trends and platforms. Social media and online marketing in general is constantly changing and what worked last year, or maybe even last month, may not work today. That’s how we can out fox the competition because we aren’t a large agency tied down to cookie cutter ways of mass producing the same content for our clients and their 10 competitors. We understand that a business has it's own personality, and we take time to get to know our clients so what we put out for them online feels seamless and natural.

The best part of this business, however, is when a client tells us about a big sale they made or thanks us for a good job we have done for them. It makes us feel like part of the team, like we have made a difference in our client's business. That’s when we feel successful. We love working with companies that are experts in what they do, rather it’s roofing, embroidery, auto service, and giving them that same level of service from us that they give their clients. When a company hires Foxy Online Marketing, we want them to feel like we work for them, because we do.

Jennifer Kyulule

Owner Foxy Online Marketing

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