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Good News for SMB's

Imagine the hottest new night club opens in town. It's so packed, everyone you know or want to know is there. The drinks are good, the vibe is good. It's well worth the higher cover charge. Time goes by, and in 20 years, that club is not going to be the "it' place in town anymore. The same is true for entertainment. With hit shows like Dahmer on Netflix or 1.58 Million people tuning in to The Kardashians on Hulu, the party has moved to a new club. If you are like millions of Americans, you yourself probably have over a dozen streaming apps that you use for entertainment. Streaming platforms like Hulu, Disney+, Netflix and others are dominating the marketplace. These platforms are all competing for people’s attention. As the number of households using cable TV steadily declines, the popularity and prevalence of these streaming services continue to increase. This is good news for small and medium businesses when it comes to advertising. What’s OTT Advertising? OTT advertising is short for over-the-top advertising. It involves promoting your business or brand through advertisements on popular video streaming platforms and services. You create adverts that display when users watch streamed content, such as movies or hit shows. Statistics show that viewing has increased and gone mainstream in recent years. Viewer's habits have shifted from conventional cable viewing to streaming services. Popular Platforms that Allow Advertising Today, ad-supported streaming services include some of the best and most affordable ways to advertise and really get the biggest bang for your advertising dollar. Advertising on these apps are usually a fraction of the cost of traditional tv ads. Tubi TV Advertising With more than 33 million monthly active users (around the world) and broad content rights that span over 250 partners, Tubi’s excellent ad platform offers 15-second and 30-second non-skippable ad spots. Hulu Hulu is another popular TV streaming service that allows viewers to watch live and on-demand television shows as well as movies on Internet-connected devices, such as smart TVs. With their choice-based advertising, users can get the content that they consider important rather than seeing everything. This is good for your business and advertisers because those who view your ad will be more likely to find the advertisement relevant and useful. Netflix Did you know that Netflix plans to provide cheaper, ad-supported tiers to consumers? The company is looking to boost its subscriber base amid market saturation and stiffer competition from rival firms. According to the latest reports, Netflix’s service will launch in many countries, including the US, Germany, France, and Canada, and is expected to be priced under $10. By introducing a hybrid advert/subscription tier, Netflix will enable small and medium businesses to reach their local audiences by advertising on their platform. Get ready! These streaming platforms are the new club in town!

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