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The Truth About Your Website

This article is not meant to be a dig or make you feel offended. However, the truth is that over 33% of websites are not doing their job. Bad websites are costing you thousands of dollars from lost revenue. If your website hasn’t been touched in over a year, this article might give you some helpful insight.

“Your website needs to both look good and be easy to navigate.

First of all, the main job of a website is to be a bridge from someone inquiring or considering doing business with you to actually taking action. People come to your website to find out simple information such as your hours or services. They don’t want to always call. Your website needs to both look good and be easy to navigate. Research shows that if people cannot get that information within 2 clicks, they leave your website and go on to the next company. As far as the look of your website, it should look modern. You want the person visiting to get a sense of trust and a good first impression.

“Did you know that 70% of web traffic comes from mobile phones?

Is your phone mobile friendly? Technology and phones are evolving at a high rate of speed. People use their phones for everything from ordering a pizza to getting groceries delivered. Did you know that 70% of web traffic comes from mobile phones? Yet, most websites are not mobile friendly. If someone comes to your website, is there a click to call button? Customers value the ease of doing business with a company. It’s unlikely they will go to your website, memorize your number or write it down (if they even can), then open their phone app and dial your number. You’ve probably just lost them.

What about SEO? Is your website ranking high on Google? Have should submitted a site map to Google so that it has a “blueprint” of your site. There are a lot of little things like this that you can do for your business that collectively rank you higher in search results. Think of them each as logs you are throwing on the fire.

Are you using your valuable real estate on your website to grow your business? The home page “above the fold” is prime real estate. You should any current promotions listed there, a way for people to sign up for your newsletter so you can keep in touch with them. Also, you should have a click to call button in this space as well.

Look at your competitors or a company in your industry that you respect. There is a lot of competition out there. Your website is your online store front. If you would like to talk to someone about the first steps to getting your business a new website, call (309) 670-0707.

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