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Top Reasons Your Social Media Failed

Have you ever had a social media campaign flop? Sure, you have, we all have! It is part of the learning process. We are providing a shortcut in the learning process by giving you a list of the top reasons most social media plans fail.

Hired the wrong person.

This could be anyone from a company to an individual or relative. You may think “My niece is 23, she gets this stuff.” A good social media person should also understand marketing concepts such as customer acquisition, customer service, and be trained or certified in social media.

“ Another person who is a wrong hire…your staff member who already does a million other things for you.”

The other wrong hires are usually a customer of yours that either offers to do it for free or a trade out. If they were any good, they would not be doing it for free. Usually what happens is something comes up and they put you on the back burner. After all, they aren’t being paid. It’s hard to hold them accountable.

Another person who is a wrong hire…your staff member who already does a million other things for you. Not only do you get a lot of the aforementioned problems, but it usually increases resentment and a feeling of underpaid, not appreciated, etc. It will show up in the quality of work they do for you.

The content was made for print.

When you do an ad for Facebook, you shouldn’t put the telephone number or other redundant information in the ad. It will end up looking cluttered and Facebook won’t deliver to a fraction of people it could reach. There are buttons to add to your ads to call, as well as to get directions.

The content didn’t connect to the audience.

When people come to Facebook, they are in a different mood opposed to when they come to Pinterest. Much like, we are in a different mood and mindset when we watch the 5 o’clock news vs. HGTV. You must make content for the mood of that social media platform.

Didn’t have a follow up plan.

So…you’re going to do the social media posts but then what? What’s your objective? Introduce a new service or product, collect emails to use in the future?

Ignored customers.

This is a huge detriment to your business. Some businesses think of it as a pain or a nuisance. It’s not. Not even the mad customers are a negative thing. People want to feel heard and appreciated, online, in person, on the phone, in general.

Boosting over an actual campaign.

Never, ever, ever boost and ad. Going through the back end on ads manager and building your ad there gives you so many different resources and options.

Didn’t set a realistic advertising budget.

I know businesses that will spend $1,000 a month on a bus ad, billboards, and other overpriced media but balk at spending $250 in Facebook advertising where the can reach hundreds more people. Nobody is even looking at the road anymore let alone a bus or billboard. Spend money where you are going to get your money’s worth.


Any good boss or leader knows that they cannot do everything themselves. You are an expert in your field. Hire someone who is an expert in social media and hold them accountable. If they don’t bring you results after a reasonable amount of time, fire them and find someone else. It’s just like hiring someone. However, to be successful, you must delegate and bring people in to help.

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